How to make cannabis peanut butter

If you’re a peanut butter fan, then there’s really only one George Washington in your book – George Washington Carver. One of America’s most renowned scientists and inventors, Carver created more than 300 concoctions using peanut butter, including shaving cream, glue, and chili sauce, according to scholars at the National Peanut Board. Did the “real” first president of the United States ever infuse cannabis into peanut butter? We don’t know, but in Carver’s defense, in his day you could still buy cannabis formulations at your local pharmacy — and Coca-Cola still contained cocaine. 

In the spirit of this great innovator and Tuskegee University professor (Go Golden Tigers!), you can do your own tinkering in the lab (your kitchen) and come up with your very own batch of weed peanut butter. 

What could be better than that?

What makes edibles truly divine 

You may be the old school type who rolls banana shaped joints without a filter and calls an ounce “a lid,” or a newbie who never leaves home without your trusty vape pen. However you prefer to consume cannabis, edibles can be a great way to spice things up at times.

Edibles are easy to consume and a whole lot of fun. They produce a high that can be much different than smoking, and can induce hours of laughing at nothing in particular or just sinking into the couch. Also, edibles can be a great solution for people who want to take cannabis, but can’t or don’t like to smoke, or just want a more discreet option that won’t have them smelling like smoke. 

Whatever your reasons, edibles can be great fun — especially once you get the knack of making your own. 

There are two types of weed peanut butter recipes — those that call for making it entirely from scratch, and those that just involve mixing some cannabis-infused oil into store-bought peanut butter.(Shutterstock)

What not to do 

It’s a tale as old as (weed) time: Somebody tries out an edible and after a half hour nothing happens. They then decide to re-up their dose, only to feel the first dose start rolling in. While accidentally double dosing can lead to a bad time, nobody gets hurt in this story. Still, it’s still best not to over serve yourself. 

The reason edibles take so long to kick in is because THC and other active ingredients in cannabis have to work their way through the digestive system in order to be metabolized. This means it can take well over an hour for edibles to kick in. So just make sure to be patient.  

The other major mistake happens when people are making edibles. They forget to carry out the following — very simple and absolutely essential — step. 

What is decarboxylation?

For cannabis to get you high, it must first be heated up so that the cannabinoid THCA, which is what is in the cannabis plant, can be converted to THC. When you smoke cannabis, this happens virtually instantaneously, but it doesn’t happen if you just eat cannabis raw. Instead, you must heat it up in a process called decarboxylation.

To decarboxylate cannabis, simply grind it and bake it on an oven sheet for about 30-45 minutes at around 220-245°F (105-120°C). 

Check out our step-by-step directions: How to decarboxylate cannabis

How to make cannabis-infused oil

There are two types of weed peanut butter recipes — those that call for making it entirely from scratch, and those that just involve mixing some cannabis-infused oil into store-bought peanut butter. Another option is to mix peanut butter with cannabis honey, which will sweeten the peanut butter and have you feeling great too. 

Whichever you prefer, you’ll first need to infuse some oil. The good news is that making cannabis oil is very easy, and once you’re done, you have a whole batch that you can dip into any time you want to make edibles. 

Cannabis oil ingredients:

1 cup or around 3-14 grams of ground, decarboxylated cannabis1 cup of cooking oil of your choice (for peanut butter, you may prefer to infuse peanut oil)Double-boiler, saucepan, or crockpotStorage containerCheesecloth 

Cannabis oil instructions

There are three main ways to infuse oil with cannabis — with a saucepan, a double boiler, or a slow cooker. 

In a saucepan

With the saucepan, stir the decarboxylated cannabis into the oil and simmer together for about an hour on low heat 130-150°F (55-65°C). Make sure to keep a careful eye on the mix so it doesn’t scorch.

In a double boiler

If using a double boiler, put water in the bottom pan and place the oil and decarboxylated weed in the top section, and simmer on low for about an hour. 

In a slow cooker

With a slow cooker, put the weed and oil in a closed jar and heat in a couple of inches of water for about an hour at 130-150°F (55-65°C).

After the simmering phase is done, remove the oil from the heat, and when it cools down, strain it through a cheesecloth into a container of your choosing. Make sure to give the cheesecloth a really good squeez to get out all of the oil. 

Cannabis-infused peanut butter recipe

Here are three different ways to make cannabis peanut butter: from scratch using cannabis-infused oil, from scratch using cannabis-infused honey, and a super easy recipe using store-bought peanut butter.

From scratch using cannabis-infused oil

If you have a food processor, consider making peanut butter from scratch with this recipe from the Kitchn, by substituting cannabis-infused oil.  


2 cups raw, shelled peanuts (you can roast them if you like, simply place on a baking sheet in the oven at 350°F for about 10 minutes or until golden brown)½ teaspoon kosher salt 1-2 tablespoons of cannabis infused peanut oil 1-2 tablespoons of honey or other sweetener (optional)


Pulse the peanuts in a food processor with the blade attachment until just choppedPulse the processor for 1 minute, scraping along the sides into the bottom of the bowl. The mix will look gritty and dry Process for an additional minute until it starts clumping up Process for 1 more minute until glossy and softAdd salt, infused cannabis oil, and sweetener and process for 1-2 more minutes or until completely smooth 

Voila! Cannabis infused peanut butter!

From scratch using cannabis-infused honey

Another method is to simply make peanut butter and substitute cannabis honey as the sweetener. Take this recipe from Pinch of Yum for example:


2 cups dry roasted peanuts1-2 tablespoons cannabis honey Salt to tastePulse peanuts in a food processor for 4-5 minutes. Stir in cannabis honey and salt and blend well. Place in a jar, you’re already finished.

Using store-bought peanut butter 

If you want to make things especially easy though, you could just follow this recipe from LA Cannabis. 

It’s not a recipe, per se. It just calls for taking about 2 tablespoons of your favorite brand of peanut butter, and mixing in 2 teaspoons of cannabis infused oil. 

What to do with cannabis peanut butter

The easy answer is that you can do anything with cannabis peanut butter that you would with normal peanut butter. You can make a perfect PB&J (peanut butter and joint) sandwich, smear it on some Ritz crackers, or use it to make a batch of potent peanut butter cookies. 

One note though: You’ll need to be mindful of dosing. How mindful you are depends on your tolerance, but also the strength of the cannabis flower you used in your infusion, and the amount of oil you put into the peanut butter. Your first time out of the gate, your best bet may be to just try a single teaspoon and see how it feels. You can also grab another spoonful later on.

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