How to make cannabis cheese

Cannabis cheese is a great way to combine two of life’s true pleasures, and it’s quite easy to make. Arguably, cheese can qualify as self-care – especially if it has a healthy dose of THC. 

Why make weed cheese?

If you have a joint already rolled on the coffee table, you could always just smoke it and then eat some cheese directly out of one of those 1lb bags of shredded cheddar from the grocery store. We’ve all done it, and it pretty much never fails to please. 

But not everybody likes to smoke or vape their weed, and the high produced by edibles can be a uniquely intense and truly enjoyable experience. And even if you prefer smoking, it’s usually a good idea to mix it up from time to time. 

However, with edibles, there are a few steps to take to make sure you don’t have a negative experience. 

The first making edibles mistake – forgetting to decarboxylate 

If you want weed cheese – or any edible – to get you high when you eat it, you’ll need to first decarboxylate your herb. Decarboxylation is a chemical process that involves heating up marijuana so that the cannabinoid THCA is converted into THC. When you smoke this happens because of the flame on your joint or hovering above the bowl of your pipe. But with edibles, you have to take a little initiative ahead of time. 

Just grind up the weed you want to use for your recipe and bake it for about 30-45 minutes at around 220-245°F (105-120°C). Make sure to check the herb from time to time to make sure it isn’t scorched, and you may also want to crack a window to air out the toasty cannabis aroma – unless that’s your thing. 

The other mistake with edibles 

Everybody probably knows someone to whom the following has happened, and if you don’t, then maybe you’re the person it happened to. Someone was too impatient to wait for their edibles to kick in, and decided to increase their dose, only to eventually realize they took a double dose. Nothing physically harmful will happen to you if you take too many edibles, but it can be an unpleasant experience. 

Your best bet is to take your time and just wait and see how you feel after the first bit. With cheese, it can be tough to stop once you get started, but you still want to make sure your edibles experience is as positive as can be. 

Why you need cannabis milk

Cannabis milk makes a great base for a variety of edible recipes and takes less than an hour to make (Shutterstock)

Cannabis milk is very easy to make and can be used to make edibles like weed ice cream, or just as the perfect way to kick your morning coffee up a notch. 

Many cannabis cheese recipes require the use of cannabis milk, and luckily it’s easy to make your own at home. 

All you need is to take about 7 grams of decarboxylated cannabis and simmer it in a saucepan with 2-4 cups of whole milk for about 30-45 minutes, making sure that the milk doesn’t come to a boil or become scorched. Let it cool and strain it through a cheesecloth and you’re all set. 

How to make cannabis cheese 

There is a wide variety of ways to make cannabis cheese, but we’re going to briefly focus on three – weed nacho cheese dip, weed cheddar, and cannabis farmhouse cheese. 

How to make weed nacho cheese dip 

If you’re craving savory edibles, why not get together with friends over a bowl of weed-infused nacho cheese?

This recipe from Delish.com makes it easy, just sub in cannabis milk in lieu of the regular stuff.


2 tablespoons butter2 tablespoons all-purpose flour 1 cup of cannabis milk2 cups of shredded cheddar ½ teaspoon kosher saltPinch of cayenne pepper Melt butter in a medium saucepan on medium heat. Whisk in flour until fragrant, or around one minute.Slowly add in the cannabis milk while whisking until all the lumps are gone. Add in the cheddar cheese and stir until melted. Stir in the salt and cayenne pepper and serve immediately. 

Alternatively, you could make this recipe using regular milk and substitute cannabis butter instead of butter. Find our easy recipe for cannabis butter here.

How to make very easy weed-infused cheese

Some stores may even sell ready to eat cannabis infused cheese, making it yourself is pretty easy (Shutterstock)

Technically speaking, making your own cannabis-infused cheese doesn’t really require a recipe at all. If you’re already making a cheese dip for the game this Sunday or you’re melting down a block of cheddar with some jalapenos and Monterey Jack to go with some chips and salsa, then you can skip all that mess if you have your own batch of cannabis butter. 

Simply take the piping hot bowl of melted cheese you just nuked in the microwave and stir in a teaspoon or a whole tablespoon of cannabis butter. 

To find our step-by-step and very easy guide to making your own cannabis butter, click here.

How to make weed farmhouse cheese 


1 quart whole milk 1 cup buttermilk3.5 grams of decarboxylated cannabis flower The juice of one lemon (2-4 teaspoons)Sea saltPepper Herbs (optional)

*The Leafly recipe calls for first decarboxylating 3.5 grams of cannabis flower and using it to infuse 2 cups of milk in a double boiler. If you already have two cups of cannabis milk you can skip this step. 

Add the 2 cups of cannabis-infused milk to the rest of the whole milk and heat it in a saucepan on medium-low heat to 175 degrees Fahrenheit (79.4 Celsius).Pour in buttermilk, add in the lemon juice and remove from heat. For the next 10 minutes the mixture will curdle, and the milk will separate into curds and whey. Put several layers of cheesecloth over a strainer and place the strainer over a bowl. Spoon the curds out of the pot onto the cheesecloth and tie it tightly with food-grade twine. Tie it to a wooden spoon and hand it over a bowl for 30 minutes to drain. After 30 minutes, open the cheesecloth and season as you see fit – with salt or any spices you like.  

The Leafly recipe is adapted from this YouTube recipe by Ruffhouse Studios. It recommends placing the cheese in a ramekin after seasoning, covering it with plastic wrap and allowing it to refrigerate overnight. 

How much weed cheese should I eat?

Unless you’re lactose intolerant, the only real issue with cannabis cheese is your tolerance and the potency of the mix. With edibles, the potency depends on the strength and quantity of the cannabis used. In the recipes mentioned above, the potency is directly linked to the strength of the cannabis milk that will be used. If it’s your first time trying a specific batch of cannabis cheese, then your best bet is to take things slowly. 

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