Cannabis on a budget: 10 tips for making your weed last longer

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of having an abundance of great weed all the time. You ditch the pipe and the one-hitter, invite friends over for smoke sessions without a special occasion, and discover your ability to make giant cone-shaped joints. 

But what about when times are a bit tougher, when you’re short on weed or you just don’t quite have the budget to be careless with your herb? Sure, you could buy some dirt weed and save a few bucks. Alternatively, you can try some of these easy tricks that can help you make great weed last through the thinner times. 

1. Use a one-hitter 

One-hitter pipes are great for bridging the gap between committing to a whole joint vs a bong bowl (Shutterstock)

Assuming that the herb you bought really is one-hitter-quitter then this first tip is just common sense. For many cannabis smokers, if the bowl is packed, it’s getting smoked until it’s cashed, even if the first two hits were enough to get you where you wanted to go. 

Using a one-hitter is similar to the wisdom of putting less food on your plate. You’ve served yourself a smaller portion, but it’s still enough to get two solid hits without using nearly as much weed as it takes to pack a bowl in a typical spoon “pipe.” 

The one-hitter can also be a great “bridge” solution for those times when you want to smoke a couple of more hits, but prefer to wait till later to smoke an entire bowl in their pipe or bong. A one-hitter can bridge that gap, and save a little weed at the same time. 

2. Set daily boundaries 

Setting strict boundaries might not sound like something that goes great with weed, but it could help you spend less money in time. And it doesn’t need to require anything extreme. 

If you’re used to a wake and bake session in the morning, then consider pushing it back and having that first smoke around lunchtime. If you really want to stretch it out, save it till the evening hours. This will not only make your weed last longer, but also, it’s usually the first smoke of the day that gets you the highest, and if you’ve already been up for 12 hours or so, then chances are that first smoke will hit even harder. 

You can also look at it as a little end of the day treat, a bookmark to let you know that from this point on, the chores, work, and errands of the day are over – it’s weed time now. 

You could also set a late night “last call” for weed. For instance, if it’s already 11pm and you haven’t smoked yet today, call it a night and save that weed for tomorrow. It’s already late anyway.

3. Look for dispensary deals 

If you live in a legal adult-use cannabis state, then you should have even more options to smoke weed without breaking the bank. 

Most dispensaries should have deals that change on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and can really help you save money. This could entail deals that allow you to buy herb in bulk, like ounces for around $100, or deals that include a free pre-roll with the purchase of each eighth or quarter ounce. 

Take a look at the website of your local dispensary and try to time your purchases for days when there are deals that will suit exactly what you’re looking for. Those dispensary deals also don’t need to mean that you’re bulking up on mediocre weed. You can buy big sacks of popcorn buds of primo weed at a great price, or just cheaper than usual eighths and quarters of perfectly frosted nugs of your favorite strain.  

4. Save the scraps for later 

For decades, an ashtray full of roaches was the go-to solution for people who were at home and out of weed. Nowadays, with most people rolling their joints with a crutch/filter, the roach clip and generous roaches of yesteryear may be more scarce, but they aren’t entirely gone. 

Consider keeping a smell-proof box (or mason jar) around your house where you can toss half or three-quarter smoked joints, little bits of stems and shake, and other scraps that you’d otherwise discard when you’re flush with weed. It could definitely come in handy later, and not only as a “break glass in case of emergency” solution. Smoking those odds and ends even when you have some herb can make your stash last a little longer. 

5. Use a grinder with a kief catcher

Using the same grinder over a period of time will store some really potent cannabis dust – known as kief – that can top up joints or bowls (Shutterstock)

Many cannabis budgeting tips really just entail continuing to do what you’re already doing. If you grind up a little bit of cannabis flower every night before rolling a joint, make sure to use a grinder with a kief catcher. Kief is highly potent and can be used to get high in all types of ways, including smoking or making edibles or just a cup of really strong kief tea. Kief also doesn’t need to be used in lieu of flowers. Instead, you can pack a smaller bowl of cannabis flower than usual, and sprinkle some kief on top. Chances are, this will get you just as high (if not higher) while using less weed. 

You won’t see a lot of kief after that first time you grind up a nug for a joint, but in time, it really adds up and then you can store it in a kief box and you can save it for later.

6. Roll smaller joints

Half paper or long roached thin joints may not look Instagram worthy, but they pack a lot more flavor and get the job done just right (Shutterstock)

There’s nothing Instagram-worthy about a “pinner,” but if you’re smoking by yourself they can definitely get the job done. People who strongly prefer smoking joints can easily go through their stash quicker than those who prefer pipes and one-hitters, especially if every session involves a cone-shaped joint. 

But if you ever find that joint feeling a bit heavy about ⅔ of the way down your solo session, then you might want to roll a smaller joint. Consider putting a longer than usual filter in the pinner, or mix the flower with a little dash of herbal rolling mix

7. Make a big batch of edibles 

A single joint’s worth of cannabis made into edibles can give a solid half a day long of a buzz or even more (Shutterstock)

Not everybody loves edibles, and the high can be quite different than smoking. Still, they can definitely hit the spot, and could be a way to save some money on your weed expenses – especially if you’re used to buying store-bought edibles. 

If you make a batch of cannabis oil or cannabutter at home, then you can easily make all types of edibles at home without having to pay dispensary prices for edibles. A tincture can also be a very effective way to make your weed stretch farther, especially if you have some extra cannabis trim laying around. And once you have a big batch of tinctures made, you may find that it produces a great high and lasts a lot longer than cannabis flower.

8. Separate your weed into daily portions 

If cannabis is a medicine, then one way to save money could be to treat it more like a daily medication. If you’ve ever seen a 7-day pill dosing box, then you get the idea. 

For instance, if you have an 1/8th of weed that you’d like to last more than a day or do, consider taking that 3.5 grams of weed and separating it into 7 half gram nugs, one for each day of the week. Who knows, you may find that some days you don’t finish what’s in that day’s box, and you can just roll it over to the next and double dose. 

9. Try using a vaporizer 

Vaporizers can make a one hitter’s worth of bud form a whole session without the damaging tar from smoking (Shutterstock)

This can be pretty subjective, but many people find that they use less flower when smoking with a vaporizer (though the opposite can also be true). A vaporizer can produce strong, even harsh hits of vapor that can get you very high even with just a small little nug in the oven of the vape. 

And once you’ve finally cashed that bowl in the vape, you can save the already vaped bud and put it to use too, further conserving your weed. 

10. Pace yourself with the weed 

With weed, sometimes your eyes can be bigger than your tolerance. You see an especially frosty nug and pack a hero’s bowl, when really not even half that amount would have sufficed. 

When smoking cannabis, consider making it a slow, deliberate affair. Take a couple long hits off the pipe and then kick back for a few. It can take up to around 15 minutes for you to feel the high from smoking weed, and by then, you may realize that those two hits got you plenty high, without having to burn the other half of the bowl.

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