Ask Dr. Codi: Do cannabis edibles cause eye twitching?

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Hi I just want to ask a question, do cannabis edibles cause eye twitching and if yes how do I make it stop?


Thanks for your question.

To try to answer your question most directly — yes cannabis could be contributing to your eye twitching problems.

Technically eye twitching could be a couple of different issues, but there are reports of this side effect.  While not common, there are reports of muscle twitches in people after they smoke THC or take THC edibles, sometimes eye twitches, other times other muscles as well.

The endocannabinoid system is all over the body, including inside the muscles and nerves responsible for moving your eyelids. The ECS also regulates the movement of electrolytes like calcium and sodium.

Therefore, since THC and other parts of cannabis interact with the ECS, and the ECS is all around the eye, its possible cannabis could be making your eye twitch worse.

There is no perfect “fix” for your problem, but you could try to reduce the twitching by taking any or all of the below approaches:

Reduce your dose of THCAdd CBD — adding CBD can modify the effect psychoactive of THC, so it may help with other effectsEnsure you’re well hydratedConsider supplementing with magnesium or other electrolyte replacementsMake sure you’re getting enough sleep

I hope this helps you enjoy your cannabis more–I know those twitches can be quite annoying

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Codi Peterson, PharmD

Scientific advisor, The Cannigma

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