How to make THC hot sauce

Yield: 32 oz weed hot sauce Prep/cook time: 30 minutes, not including decarboxylation 

When you can make anything into a cannabis-infused edible, why stop at brownies and gummies

THC hot sauce is a delicious and unexpected way to incorporate cannabis into a meal, adding a pop of flavor to your morning eggs, lunchtime salad, or dinner rice. This recipe is quick and approachable for all skill levels and best of all, you’ll have infused hot sauce on hand for weeks afterward.

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Cooking with cannabis

Cooking with cannabis combines two of life’s greatest joys: food and weed. When you take your passion for cannabis into the kitchen, the sky’s the limit on the infused dishes. Dessert is an easy course to infuse, but with a little creativity and planning, you can serve up delicious cannabis savory treats any time of day. 

Cooking with cannabis is also a great alternative for people who don’t enjoy smoking or can’t smoke. Making edibles at home gives you total control over the potency and ingredients, so you can make it exactly how you like it. 

Common mistakes with edibles

Not decarboxylating the weed. This is the most important step in making potent edibles that create an enjoyable high experience- or any high at all! Consuming too much at once. Edibles can take an hour to kick in and the experience can take up to four hours to peak, so it’s tempting to add another squirt of hot sauce to speed up the process- but don’t do it. Go slow with edibles, especially homemade ones. Once you know how you react, you can adjust the serving size for next time. Make your oil in advance. You can infuse coconut oil with cannabis and keep it on hand for several weeks to quickly infuse any dish. 

The importance of decarboxylation 

Don’t skip decarboxylation! Though it may be tempting to just melt the coconut oil over your raw cannabis, you’re doing yourself (and your hot sauce) a disservice. Decarboxylation is the crucial step in making edibles because it’s the process that changes the acidic cannabinoids like THCA and CBDA in THC and CBD. 

You don’t need to decarb your weed when you smoke because heat is applied from the lighter, but you do need to decarb when you’re making edibles so your end dish is both delicious and potent.

How to dose your cannabis hot sauce

Correctly dosing your edibles is important for having a good experience. When you eat cannabis, the THC is absorbed through your digestive tract, rather than your lungs. This process takes longer, but it also makes the THC hit your system harder. In your gut, THC is converted to 11-hydroxy-tetrahydrocannabinol, a compound seven times stronger than THC. 

The golden rule of edibles is start low and go slow. Have a small serving of your hot sauce to get an idea of how strong it is and how it makes you feel. Once you know, you can adjust the serving size. 

Cannabis-infused hot sauce recipe 

Hot sauce ingredients:

2 cups mangoes (2-3 mangos) ½ cup jalapeno peppers (3-4 jalapenos) 1 habanero pepper ½ cup serrano pepper (6 serranos) 5 cloves garlic 1 red onion 1 lemon 1 lime 1 cup white vinegar 1 tbs apple cider vinegar ¼ cup orange juice 1 tbs salt3 tbs coconut sugar 3 tbs infused coconut oil ¼ cup water 

This recipe will make about 32oz of weed-infused hot sauce, which will fill 2 to 3 8-10oz bottles. 


Peel and dice the mangos and chop the onion, jalapenos, serrano, and habanero. For a more mild hot sauce, remove the pepper seeds. For a hotter sauce, leave the seeds intact.

In a medium saucepan, bring the water to a boil. Add the diced mangos and cook for 5 minutes.

Add the coconut sugar and stir to combine Lower the heat and add half of the chopped onions and garlic until soft and goldenTurn the stove off and add the jalapenos, habanero, and serrano pepper to the pan. Let the mix sit in the pan for 15 minutes. 

After 15 minutes, pour the contents of the pan into a blend and blend

Add the remaining ingredients, including the infused coconut oil, and blend together 

Once blended, taste your hot sauce To make it hotter, add another pepper and blendTo make it tangy, add another tbs of white vinegarTo make it sweeter, add more coconut sugar

Enjoy mango hot sauce on all of your favorite dishes! 

Jessica Reilly contributed to this article. 

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