This free cannabis hotline answers all of your plant questions

There’s a lot of misinformation about cannabis in the world. Between internet searches that bring up myths and falsehoods, medical professionals who aren’t properly educated about the plant, and marketing language designed to confuse, it’s easy for someone who is curious about cannabis to get the wrong information.

What people need is education; free education from qualified professionals that helps you sort through your options and find a cannabis product or routine that serves your needs. What people need is the Realm of Caring. 

The Realm of Caring 

The Realm of Caring (ROC) is a non-profit organization that provides free cannabis education to people around the world. You don’t need a medical condition or a paid subscription – the ROC serves curious consumers, medical professionals, and anyone else who is looking to better their life through cannabinoid therapies. 

Realm of Caring was founded in 2013 by two mothers whose children had epilepsy (the daughter of one of the founders was the namesake for Charlotte’s Web CBD.) They wanted to close the gap in cannabis education and provide answers about the life-saving therapeutic value of cannabis so other families could benefit the way they had. What started as providing information quickly grew into a network of organization, advocacy, research, and education. 

Free cannabis education

Since its inception, the ROC has helped over 70,000 people worldwide with one-on-one support to find the cannabis products and routine that serves their needs. And ROC can help you too – their hotline is open to anyone in the world to call in. Just reach out via phone, email, or chat support to be connected with a qualified cannabis educator or researcher and set up a time to chat. (And yes, it’s completely free!) 

Your first call is around 30 minutes, where you and your cannabis educator will discuss your needs, goals, and concerns around cannabis. But since everyone’s endocannabinoid system is unique, it can take trial and error to find what works for you. Realm of Caring is there every step of the way, with follow-up calls to check in and discuss dosages, consumption options, and personal preferences. The advice and suggestions are based on data, including the results from ROC’s own cannabis research registry. 

And the hotline isn’t just for the cannabis curious – anyone can make an appointment, from budtenders and growers to nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals. 

“We’re happy to help anyone who calls. We want everyone to feel cared for, supported, and confident in their decisions moving forward – from the product they select to the dose they are administering,” Sasha Kalcheff-Korn, Executive Director of the ROC told The Cannigma.

Expanding cannabis research 

In addition to providing a center where knowledgeable representatives and curious consumers can connect, the ROC also partners with Johns Hopkins University to conduct research. The nonprofit pairs willing participants with studies and hosts its own observational study to continue to grow the library of cannabis research, and solidify the obvious benefits. In fact, this partnership created the largest cannabis research registry in the world. If there’s something new in cannabis, you better believe the ROC is on top of it. 

“There was a massive gap that needed to be filled as there was a need for research, quality education, and community,” Sasha said. “Realm of Caring serves to fill this gap; to prove cannabis can serve as a legitimate medicine through our Observational Research Registry with Johns Hopkins University.” 

If you’re interested in joining a study, you can add your name to the registry. You can also opt to join the observational research study, a self-reported questionnaire about your cannabis use.  

Advocating for the healing power of the cannabis plant

Since 2013, the ROC has been an instrumental part of changing cannabis laws in 22 states across the country. All of this research and advocacy adds up. To support their efforts in providing free cannabis education, the ROC hosts fundraisers and advocacy events to raise money. But you don’t have to wait for an event to support the ROC’s mission; you can become a donor at any time. 

Laws and regulations take a long time to change. But with crowd-sourced efforts like the Realm of Caring, people can come together to make a difference. The ROC believes that quality of life matters and nearly everyone can improve their quality of life with the right cannabis products. That’s a mission everyone can get behind.

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