Cannabis laws in Vatican City

Medical: illegal
Recreational: illegal

Medical and recreational cannabis are illegal in Vatican City. Pope Francis has come out strongly against drug legalization.

While medical and industrial cannabis are legal in Italy, and Vatican City typically adopts the laws of Italy, this does not hold true for cannabis. Vatican City is a country in its own right and does not recognize the medical or personal benefits of the cannabis plant. 

Vatican City is a monarchy ruled by the Pope and Pope Francis is against cannabis. He spoke out against legalizing drugs and cannabis in 2014. Other high-ranking members of the Catholic Church have also spoken against legalization of cannabis

Vatican City medical marijuana 

Vatican City does not have a medical marijuana program. The residents of the country are almost entirely high-ranking members of the Catholic Church, which does not recognize the many benefits of the cannabis plant

CBD regulations

The Catholic Church does not draw a distinction between marijuana and hemp plants, and CBD is not legal or for sale in Vatican City. 

Can you grow your own weed?

No, you cannot legally grow cannabis plants in Vatican City. The country is mainly composed of high-ranking members of the Catholic Church, which does not support or condone legal cannabis.

Visiting Vatican City – can you buy or bring marijuana products?

No, you cannot bring cannabis products into Vatican City nor should you expect to purchase them. If there is one country where the black market for cannabis does not exist, it is likely Vatican City. Even legally purchased cannabis products from Italy should be left behind during your visit.

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