Can cannabis edibles help me lose weight?

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Is there an edible that can help you lose some weight?

Thanks so much for asking one of the questions that many are wondering – can weed help us lose weight?!

The answer is no, at least probably not your average weed. It won’t necessarily make you gain weight,  but there may be some hope for other “minor” cannabinoids in your weight loss journey.

THC can cause hunger (as most of us know) and this is one of the most common side effects of weed. However THC’s cousin molecule, known as THCV, may have the ability to help reduce hunger (at least in small doses).

CBD may also have weight loss properties in some individuals, and may be involved in glucose balance via receptors outside of the normal CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system.

There are a number of other cannabinoids that could be helpful with pain or inflammation, another way cannabis can help you lose weight. If cannabis is a tool that can make you feel better and hurt less, then you’re much more likely to move around more! It’s a win-win for your health.

As always, remember cannabis can cause drug interactions, so ask your doctor or pharmacist before starting a new exercise, cannabis regimen, or a new diet.

Codi Peterson, PharmD
Scientific advisor, The Cannigma
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