Can cannabis help menopausal night sweats?

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Question: Do you know any strains that will help with menopause night sweats? I would like to limit trial and error on growing strains that are nice smoke but little help with this.  


The bottom line is – we don’t know a lot about menopausal symptoms and cannabis. This is a highly understudied area, and at this time no studies that I am aware of have looked at THC or CBD in this context.

However women are commonly using CBD to help with common issues associated with menopause like mood swings, anxiety, and trouble sleeping. Cannabis – including THC and CBD – has a growing role in the treatment of these conditions. However THC also has the potential to worsen these conditions for some individuals, and less commonly CBD too.

With regards to night sweats, aka hot flashes, there is no study (beyond perhaps a survey) to lean on to answer this question. However, based on what we know about the endocannabinoid system, which is involved in your internal thermostat regulation, it’s reasonable to think using THC or even other cannabinoids could alter this thermostat and help with your hot flashes. And many women are using it for this, despite this lack of good data.

If this is a middle of the night thing, I’d look into a tincture or an edible for longer lasting effects,  (rather than smoking which will wear off). If your problem is falling asleep, then using inhalation may make sense. Please see the linked articles for more specifics.

Codi Peterson, PharmD

Scientific advisor, The Cannigma
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