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No, only clinicians that are registered with the NJMMP may certify you. Please follow THIS link to find a recommending clinician.

Not at this time. Due to varying regulations and available products from different state medical marijuana programs, we only offer counseling services to patients or prospective patients within New Jersey currently.

Yes. We support an open line of communication and collaborative efforts with your regular physicians to provide you with the best health care and clinical outcomes.

Please reach out directly to your registered ATC and inquire about healthcare professionals on site. New Jersey’s regulations do not currently require a pharmacist or other clinician to be on site at all times.

No! Our goal is to provide objective information when it comes to your health regardless of our positions and relationships within the developing market. Future relationships will be fully disclosed and structured in a manner to prevent conflicts of interest. 


After booking an appointment, you’ll receive an email with a link to complete an initial intake form along with another link for access the virtual meeting via Google Meet. If you’d like to ask questions prior to the meeting, please feel free to email us at info@plantsandprescriptions.com!

Having a strong foundation and understanding of cannabis will lead to better treatment plans and clinical outcomes. Providing you with the best recommendations will save time and money by minimizing the trial & error period. We are here to educate you in making the best self-empowering decisions for your journey with cannabis-based healthcare. 

Beyond the extra 30 minutes allotted for new patients, there are numerous administrative tasks that need to be reviewed and completed prior to your appointment to ensure the full amount of time can be dedicated to helping you. 

Please use the same above calendar to book a return patient appointment.

That’s no problem. If you prefer a phone call instead of a virtual session, please write a note when booking your appointment!

Appointments may be rescheduled or fully refunded up to 48 hours prior to your scheduled time. Please send us an email to request a different date/time. Refunds will not be issued for rescheduled appointments.  


No! We are familiar with the product offerings from all currently operating ATCs. If you have a preference for one, please let us know and we’ll tailor your plan around the product available at their location.

The availability of cannabis products offered at ATCs are still currently stabilizing. If there are specific items that are currently working for you, we can recommend alternatives based on what’s available, or from another ATC. 

Please have your state-issued NJMMP ID card handy, and visit THIS site to change the ATC you’re registered at. 

That’s great! In your path to self-discovery, we encourage you to try different products to see what works best for you. Use the educational foundation we gave and continue taking a responsible, scientific approach to optimize your healthcare.