Season finale: Best of The Cannabis Enigma podcast

The Cannabis Enigma Podcast is wrapping up its first season. After 39 interviews with frontline doctors, researchers, patients, caregivers, practitioners, and expert storytellers, we are taking a summer break as we prepare for season two.

For the season finale, hosts Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man and Elana Goldberg each choose three of their favorite interviews from the first season, discuss why those conversations were important to them, and play a short clip from each one.

Listen to each of the full episodes here:

No Time for Clinical Trials, with Catherine JacobsonDr. Ethan Russo Says Cannabis Can Be Better YetCBD Nation: Cannabis Science for the Masses, With David JakubovicA Rural Canadian Doctor Prescribes Cannabis for the First Time, With Dr. Tiffany KeenanUsing Cannabis to Treat Autism, With Dr. Orit StolarSo You Think You Know About Cannabis, With Dr. Codi Peterson, PharmD

We hope you enjoyed the first season and we can’t wait to start popping back into your feed in a few months!

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Elana Goldberg and Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man, hosts of The Cannabis Enigma podcast.

The Cannabis Enigma podcast is a co-production of The Cannigma and Americans for Safe Access. Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man is the executive producer, editor, and co-host. Elana Goldberg is co-producer and co-host. Music by Desca.

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